Bovingdon Primary Academy
May 14 2019

Playground Squad

Shree Deb

At Bovingdon we believe everyone should be entitled to a happy playtime. Each day our Playground Squad set up different team activities, assist with games and take out the playground boxes for children to play with the different equipment we have to offer.

Our squad consists of Year 4 and 5 members who are keen to make play times enjoyable for all. At the start of their agreed term, all members receive a yellow hat so that they can be easily identified on the playground. Each class take a day on the rota to be ‘on duty’ for organising resources and setting up games for the younger children. Occasionally they may assist with helping to resolve small squabbles or generally support those children who may be feeling lonely or unsure about who or what to play with.

Mrs Warner meets regularly with the squad to find out what is going well and how we can further improve the quality of children’s lunchtimes. We also have responsibility for sorting our existing equipment and discuss what needs renewing. 

Please see our display on the playground for information about Playground Squad members and our playground timetables.

Playground Squad Rota

  Monday   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Paige Talia Archie Grace Josh
Thomas Evie Ben Chloe Tom
Violet Emma Flo Freddie T Logan
Kian Emilia Harry Abbiegail Lola
Oliver J Martha Rose India B Chloe
Oliver W Finley B Olivia Alfie Ryan
Oliver F Aimee Matthew Tristan Sam
Louis Niamh Amelie Joe Sonny
  Oliver N Lexie Freddie P Oliver G
8 9 9 9 9