Bovingdon Primary Academy
May 14 2019

Eco Council

Shree Deb

The Eco Army is made up of one child per class throughout Key Stage Two. 

Eco-Council 2019-20

This year’s Eco Councillors are Beth, Jonny, Calla, Roseanna, Lola, Chloe, Martha and Adam.

They work hard during the week checking recycling bins and turning off lights and smart boards in each classroom.
Each class has an ‘Eco checklist’ which the children can use to see how Eco friendly each class is being.

After the success of last year’s Big Switch Off, Eco Council will be organising a fundraising day in summer term to help raise money for more recycling bins the playground.

If you have any other ideas of things Eco Council can do to help the school, or if you can offer us any information, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Green Flag Award

We have been awarded the Green Flag several years in a row and the flag can be seen flying high in the school entrance. Our Eco Army have been busy working on a new action plan for this academic year, which you can view by clicking the link at the top of this page.

We will continue to monitor:

  • Paper waste
  • Water wastage
  • Energy wastage
  • Recyclable waste & use of recyclable products
  • Litter
  • Best use of Springfield and school grounds
  • Walk to School weeks
  • Healthy Living and vegetable planting
  • Integrating Fair Trade

How can you help?

Here are some ways you can encourage your children to be environmentally aware, and help us to achieve the award this year:

  • Get the children involved in sorting and recycling rubbish at home to put in the recycling bins provided by the council.
  • Use a garden composter – let the children add the waste and see the resulting compost.
  • Save energy by switching off electrical items that are not being used. Don’t leave TV´s on standby.
  • Encourage them to save water e.g. don´t let the water run whilst cleaning your teeth.
  • Walk to and from school whenever possible.
  • Arrange to car share with another family if you cannot walk.

As well as helping your children make a positive contribution to their world, you will also be supporting them with their learning. By doing these things they will be learning aspects of Geography, Science, Maths, PE, PSHE and citizenship!

Fairtrade School

We were awarded Fairtrade school status in in June 2013. To achieve this we had to fulfil a number of criteria. One of which is to have a whole school Policy for Fairtrade in which everyone in school including the pupils, Governors, Head of School and BAPA agree to encourage and promote the use of Fairtrade products in school.

Road safety at Bovingdon Primary Academy

Following the Road safety petition to Herts County Council early 2017, the governors and staff have been working hard to find ways to make travelling to school safer and more sustainable. We can all see the impact that the volume of car journeys has on the village centre every day, and we want to make sure we can make the village as safe as possible for everyone.

As a school, we actively want to encourage our pupils and staff to walk, scoot or cycle to school as this:

  • keeps us fit and healthy
  • helps our pupils develop road safety skills which will keep them safe as they travel further afield and more independently
  • helps keep our local air clean, and our streets free from congestion

We believe these are life skills that everyone should be able to benefit from.

We have registered for Modeshift Stars and are aiming to achieve Silver status this year, having already achieved our Bronze award!

Some of the initiatives planned are transition workshops for year 6, Pedestrian skills workshop for year 4 and Scootability for years 2 and 3 in March.  We also take part in Walk to School Week and discuss road safety with the children.

If you would like to take part and help us develop better Road Safety around the school, we are looking for volunteers to be part of a working party. The time commitment does not have to be great, but we would really benefit from your input. If this would interest you, please let the school office know on or by telephone.