PSHE (Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education) is led by Mrs Hall and Mrs Williams.

At Bovingdon Primary Academy we prioritise the wellbeing and social skills of all pupils within the school. We focus on developing healthy relationships with others by role-modelling, team building activities and giving all children time and space to reflect on their feelings.

To improve and support all children during this challenging year we implemented the following incentives, for example;

  • Well-being Wednesday-a grid of a wide range of age related activities for all children
  • Home learning-all children had teaching online through google classroom to ensure continuity and routine
  • Feeling good week – flash mob (evidence with video or pics)
  • Outdoor classroom day- all years groups ranging from Early Years to year 6 experienced learning outdoors and the huge benefits relating to this type of teaching. This was an extremely successful day, with staff and teachers expressing their enthusiasm in how effective the activities were, how engaged the children were and generally how all felt focussed and organised due to the health benefits, such as being resourceful, using natural objects, having an appreciation of the environment, There are numerous health benefits to playing outside. With wide open space to explore in, children are often more active when outside. This helps them to build strong bones and good fitness levels, while also enabling them to burn off extra energy. As well as this, being in the sunshine, even in winter, means children naturally absorb vital vitamin D, a lack of which can lead to Rickets.

To support our older children whom have experience of using social media we ensure to teach them how to be respectful to themselves and the wider community. At Bovingdon Primary Academy we demonstrate how important health and wellbeing is by having regular lessons relating to PSHE and RSE (for KS2). We also have regular events such as ‘Children’s Mental Health’ week whereas all children had activities planned for them at home during this unexpected year. We linked this back to outdoor learning, where children had the opportunity to team build with their families, go on scavenger hunts or to develop a better understanding of their community and society. We also supported the children with mindfulness resources cascaded from in house by Miss Trevett or in regular bulletins from Aspire linking to various organisations such as Action for Happiness, Mental and Anna


A Bovingdon Primary Academy child should leave at the end of KS2 with…

  • an understanding and knowledge of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle
  • an awareness of safety issues and know how to keep themselves safe
  • the ability to know how to maintain healthy relationships with others
  • the understanding that all people, along with their rights and responsibilities, are to be respected
  • the experience of being a valued part of a school community
  • an opportunity to have engaged within a democratic society
  • the awareness of mental-health and continue to promote its importance
  • the confidence to make informed choices about personal and social issues

RSE Overview