Physical Education & School Sport provision at Bovingdon is over seen by Mr Robinson (Sports Coach). He is supported by Mrs Lower (Subject lead) and Miss Behrouzi (Sports TA). They liaise with our year 6 PE council on ways to improve and implement new ideas into our school.

All children at Bovingdon have the opportunity to:

  • 2 hours of high quality PE lessons per week delivered by highly qualified coaches/teachers.
  • 30+ after school clubs per week.
  • Sporting competitions and fixtures against other schools.
  • Inter-school sporting competitions within school.
  • Lunch time Muga activities/clubs.
  • Lunch time playground activities.
  • Sports team training.
  • Change 4 Life club
  • The Daily Mile

Physical Education Aims

A Bovingdon Primary Academy pupils should leave at the end of Key Stage 2 with…

  • Embedded values such as fairness and respect
  • The experience and capability of team activities
  • The knowledge of a broad range of physical activities
  • The opportunity to have engaged in competitive sports and activities
  • Increased confidence in their performance
  • An understanding of self-assessment and how to improve their performance or ability.
  • A healthy and active outlook on life
  • Developed skills to excel in physical activity
  • An understanding of the importance of health and fitness

PE Awards:

School Games Gold Award – 2019/18

School Games Gold Award – 2018/19

School Games Gold Award – 2017/18

School Games Gold Award – 2016/17

Dacorum School Games Award – 2019/20

Sports Crew of the Year – 2019/20

Health Activity Leader Award – 2019/20