Geography is led by Mrs Wicks.

At Bovingdon Primary Academy, we aim to ensure that all children appreciate their locality in comparison with the wider world. The children learn about a range of different human and physical features in the world around them. We have made geography fun by exploring our local environment, researching different countries and role-playing lives in different countries. Our geography topics include: Tanzania, Bovingdon, India, London, natural disasters, mapping and many more. I am delighted to be able lead geography and see how the children’s knowledge and appreciation of the world develops and grows. 

Geography Aims

A Bovingdon Primary Academy Geographer will leave at the end of Key Stage 2 with…

  • knowledge of the human and physical features of Bovingdon and knows why they are there
  • an appreciation of their own locality in comparison with the wider world
  • an understanding that people have moved or travelled over time and considers this with their own family story
  • knowledge of the scale of towns, counties, regions, countries and continents
  • a clear understanding of geographical vocabulary and applies this for every day conversation
  • the confidence to use a map, compass and their own knowledge to navigate
  • an understanding of fact and fiction books that help gain a deeper understanding of the world and to spark curiosity
  • the ability to use what they already know to ask questions about unfamiliar landscapes and parts of the world