Design and Technology is led by Miss Finnesey.

At Bovingdon Primary Academy, Design and technology teaches vital skills that will remain with children throughout their lives. Each year the children take part in a food technology topic, a textiles topic and a construction topic.

In Textiles, we develop a range of products as we build on our sewing skills each year. Within the construction units every child has the opportunity to build a purposeful item using different materials, tools and mechanisms as they learn how to make strong and supportive structures. In food technology, we focus on the skills of using different utensils safely, the importance of hygiene while cooking and learn where food comes from. We have even been fortunate enough to have chefs and bakers visit the school to support the children with their topics. We are even lucky enough to have our own D+T Suite which is used for cooking by children throughout the school during their food technology unit.

This year we celebrated Science week by holding a STEM (Science, Technology, Computing and Maths) competition to design an invention to help around the home. The winning invention was the Clean-O-Bot-700 designed by Noah B.

Design and Technology Aims

A Bovingdon Primary Academy child will leave at the end of Key Stage 2 with…

  • an experience of creating unique products that reflect their own ideas and are also valued by others
  • resilience and perseverance
  • an understanding of cooking healthy meals
  • the ability to work safely such as cutting safely with scissors and joining materials together
  • the ability to sew