Art is led by Mrs Molloy.

At Bovingdon Primary Academy every child is an artist! We celebrate creativity throughout the curriculum and encourage children to develop their own artistic style. Our art lessons are designed to be fun, imaginative and gradually build upon the children’s art skills. We are regularly looking out for opportunities to promote creativity and encourage children to enter local art competitions and exhibitions to showcase their talents. We also regularly take part in The National Gallery’s Take One Picture week, a time where staff and children can fully immerse themselves into the world of art.

Art aims

A Bovingdon Primary Academy artist should leave at the end of Key Stage 2 with…

  • a knowledge and understanding of visual language (e.g. line, shape, form, pattern, colour, texture)
  • the ability to draw confidently from observation, memory and imagination
  • the ability to communicate fluently in visual and tactile form (including drawing, painting, sculpture and craft)
  • a knowledge and understanding of a wide range of artists, craft-makers and designers from history and different cultures
  • the ability to create artwork independently using originality and initiative
  • to be able to reflect, analyse and evaluate their own work and those of others