At Bovingdon Primary Academy, we give our children the opportunity to lead in different areas.

Key Stage 1

Mini Council – We have introduced a ‘Mini-Council’ consisting of children from Year 1 and 2 who meet regularly to discuss various topics.

Key Stage 2

As children move into Key Stage 2 there are a variety of councils they can be part of:

School Council – This consists of two children from each class who meet with Mr Watts to share their class’s views and discuss key issues.

Curriculum Council – Class teachers choose one child from each class to attend Pupil Learning Council. They meet with Miss Stevenson to give ideas on the curriculum and learning.

Eco-Council – One class from each class is part of the Eco-Council. Mrs Willliams meets with them to discuss ways to keep our school eco-friendly.

Playground Squad – These children look after the playground including playground equipment. Mrs Warner supports them in their role.

Year 6 Additional Responsibilities

All children in Year 6 are offered the opportunity to take on an additional responsibility.

Pupil Advocates – Children apply to be Pupil Advocates each year. Mrs Breslin then interviews the candidates and chooses a group of children to represent the school.

PE Council – The Year 6 PE Council are children who enjoy sports. They support the PE curriculum.

Reading Ambassadors – These children are passionate about reading and promote reading across the school.