World Book Day 2024

The first World Book Day took place in the UK in 1997. The aim was to raise awareness with young people that “reading is fun, relevant, accessible, exciting and has the power to transform lives” explained World Book Day founder, Baroness Gail Rebuck.

Children and staff across Aspire Academies Trust were creative with their fancy dress and got involved in a variety of activities to celebrate the day.

At Bedmond Academy, the children dressed up as their favourite book characters. They held a “potato” competition where children designed a book character on a potato and held a book swap. Each class visited the book swap as well as showing off their costumes at the assembly parade!

The Grove Academy started their day with a Costume Catwalk, so they could show off their fancy dress and talk about their characters. This was followed by a day of class-based activities where each class was introduced to a new book.

Bovingdon Primary Academy had an action-packed week. They had the author of the ‘Planet Omar’ and ‘Meet the Maliks’ series, Zanib Mian, in to speak to KS2 about her recently published books and life as an author. Year 5 and 6 did a Tom Gates workshop, learning how to illustrate professionally! The EYFS team undertook a workshop called ‘Fairytale forests’ and Y1, 2 and 3 did a West End workshop focusing on well-known novels. World Book Day itself was incredibly busy! All staff dressed up as ‘Where’s Wally?’ and took photos hiding behind their favourite children’s books. The children had great fun trying to find the staff and work out who they were. There was also a World Book Day parade, book themed activities on the MUGA and opportunities to read with children in other year groups!

At Hammond Academy, children had the choice to dress up in pyjamas or their own costumes. They had a visit from author, Damien Hine, who hosted writing workshops and held an assembly for the whole school. The school introduced ‘Secret Reader’ and the older children read with Year 1 and 2. At 3pm every day last week, each class had a guest speaker (a parent or other member of staff) who read the children a book of their choice.

Staff and children at Broadfield Academy enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day, with Principal, Mrs Baggaley, as Cruella De Vil and some of the other staff members as the 101 Dalmatians. Mr Stephenson led an assembly to look at costumes and share MC Grammar reading Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo in a rap. Broadfield will soon be introducing a Reading Bear to each class and Reading with Rusty (the school dog) sessions, to help embed a love of reading amongst pupils.

At Knutsford Primary Academy, Word Book Day was celebrated all week and this year’s theme was equality, diversity and inclusion. Each class enjoyed books that have representations of different race, ethnicity, beliefs and lifestyles. On Monday afternoon, they held an open afternoon where families could come together to take part in book-based activities. On Thursday, everyone came to school dressed as their favourite book characters. There was a wide range of costumes in school and the children (and staff) were excited to show off their new looks and talk about their favourite books. World Book Day does not end there, next week the author Mini Grey will be visiting school. She has written popular books such as ‘Traction Man’ and ‘Biscuit Bear’.