Power Down Hour

This month saw our schools introduce Power Down Hour as part of the Aspire Sustainability Strategy.

This new initiative will help our children understand the advantages of turning off the electricity and how they can be part of supporting our planet, generating greater awareness in schools.

Staff and children ensured all lights and electronic devices such as smartboards, Chromebooks and laptops were not in use for this hour, finding alternative ways to teach and bring light into their classrooms. In some schools, ‘Power Down Monitors’ were allocated to walk around their school, ensuring lights, plug sockets and smartboards were turned off.

Feedback from the children after our first Power Down Hour suggests this initiative makes them feel empowered.

Going forward we plan to incorporate this into our school calendar, with a Power Down Hour scheduled for every half-term.

Children will explore different ways to measure the impact and report their findings to the wider school community in assemblies and newsletters.

Small changes make a big difference!