At Bovingdon Primary Academy, our curriculum is designed with three key words at the centre:


Respecting individuality and embracing diversity within our community.


Providing limitless opportunities and developing curious minds.


Encouraging personal success and preparing children for future life.

Our Learning Offer

At Bovingdon Primary Academy, our curriculum is designed to: respect individuality and embrace diversity within our community; provide limitless learning opportunities and develop curious minds; and encourage personal success and prepare children for the future.

Bovingdon Primary Academy provides a highly inclusive environment where children enjoy their education. Within our curriculum, a wealth of opportunities are tailored to ensure children reach their full potential and excel in a variety of contexts. Knowledge and skill have equal importance across the curriculum and we use a range of strategies to ensure learning is deepened and transferable. Our curriculum is consistently reviewed to ensure it remains relevant, up-to-date and embeds our vision; subject leaders play a vital role in this. Each subject has a clear progression structure which staff use to support children’s learning.

We offer a range of extra-curricular activities including a vast array of after-school clubs which range from sports to creative arts. Ample sporting opportunities for all children enhance the PE curriculum, giving the children the confidence to actively participate and compete. Engaging theme days and weeks are also a strength at Bovingdon Academy – these immerse the pupils in different areas of learning and allow children the opportunity to develop critical thinking.

Community and parent involvement are highly valued and are an integral part of our curriculum. We endeavour to ensure parents are kept up-to-date with school activities and their child’s progress. Links with the wider village community are imperative and we also benefit from being a part of a wider family: Aspire Academies Trust.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our children leave us ready for the next stage of their education and with all the tools needed to become successful individuals in our modern world. Every child’s future is unique: The Sky’s the Limit!