House System of rewards is used to promote and encourage the 3Bs for Bovingdon Behaviour: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Ready.

All children are placed in one of four houses from Year 1 onwards. The houses are named after people and places of local significance – Ryder (red), Shantock (yellow), Shothanger (green) and Westbrook (blue). We use an online system to log house points and a display board is updated every week with the updated points. Everyone is working towards achieving a bronze, silver or gold level reward. Children gain house points individually which then collectively feed into the house system.

House points are celebrated every week in our achievement assembly and the house cup is awarded at the end of each year. Houses meet regularly and organise a variety of competitions and events throughout the year. The meetings are run by the house captains who are elected at the start of the year. House Captains are elected from Year 6. Other captains for sporting events are also elected to run other events.  

Sofia, Lois, Dylan and Jack

Poppy, Tommy, Maddie and Zulfi

Jordan, Paige, Florence, Thomas

Alex, Wilf, Ellen and Tess