Head Girl – Isla A
Deputy Head Girl – Alannah B
Head Boy – Will T
Deputy Head Boy – Aarav A

Head and Deputy Head Girl Speech

Hi! We are Isla (Head girl) and Alannah (Deputy head girl) from Bovingdon Primary Academy. We are incredibly proud of our school so urge you to bring your child here.

First and foremost, every member of staff puts the students’ wellbeing first. Pupils’ are encouraged to talk about their feelings and emotions as well as being taught how to use the Zones of regulation.

Learning here is made fun and we believe learning isn’t just confined to the classroom. We have various school trips such as visits to Whipsnade zoo in reception. Chiltern open air museum in year one; the Roald Dahl museum in year four; STEM centre and a two night residential in year five; and a trip to the Harry Potter studios in year six, and a four night PGL. Everyone enjoyed the residential last year and we are all looking forward to PGL in Caythorpe this year.

PE at Bovingdon is always enjoyable and different. This is because each year group get two focuses for PE which change each term, for example Gymnastics and Volleyball. We are encouraged to represent our school in a wide range of sporting events even if we are not confident in that particular activity. Our PE teachers (Mr Robinson and Miss Behrouzi) help us to improve our sports skills and run lots of after school and lunchtime sports clubs.

At BPA, opportunities to gain responsibilities can be found all throughout the school. Roles of responsibility in KS1 are mini council and wellbeing warriors. KS2 has school council, curriculum council, wellbeing warriors and playground squad. In year six, we are encouraged to apply for one of three main jobs: PE council, reading ambassadors or pupil advocates (then apply for head girl/boy). We are also paired up with buddies from reception to show them where to get lunch, read to them and play with them. We believe these are real strengths of our school and prepares us with leadership skills.

From 3 to 11 years old, we are told to follow our dreams and we are encouraged to live by our school visions: belonging, possibility and achievement and our three Bs – Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Ready. Each day’s assemblies are different and we explore different topics covering belonging, possibilities and achievement. On Tuesdays, we have singing assemblies and on Wednesday we are currently focusing on Diversity.

In conclusion, we think Bovingdon Primary Academy is a phenomenal school and if you decide on bringing your child here, they will make life-long friendships and endless adventures. The school focuses on making sure each child can be the best self they possibly can be. After all, we live by the motto, ‘The Sky Is The Limit’.

Head and Deputy Head Boy Speech

Hello, my name is Will and I am Head boy and my name is Aarav and I am Deputy Head boy. We believe representing the school is an honour and one we’re very proud of.

We wanted to say a few words about Bovingdon Primary Academy and why we think it would be a good school for your child.

Firstly, we really believe the school provides a great education with amazing hard-working teachers and well-mannered students. At the very beginning, when you’re in reception, each child is paired with a buddy from year 6 who will help them settle into the school. We both remember our buddies from when we started and hope that now we’re in year 6 our buddies in reception will remember us when they get to their last year. There are lots of friendly and caring peers, not to mention the dinner ladies who provide delicious lunches.

Secondly, we are provided lots of opportunities to express ourselves and display different talents such as speaking, maths, talent shows and sports events. Every year, everyone takes part in a speaking competition which is a great chance to gain confidence in public speaking. We have maths competitions so pupils can show their amazing skills as well as other golden opportunities for them to show their talents and embrace what makes them unique. At the end of each year we have a sports day with individual and team events where you get to learn new skills you can use in your daily life.

Thirdly, there are lots of theme days throughout the year. A favourite is World Book day where you can dress up as any book character you want and European languages day where we learn about other countries in Europe and celebrate the languages spoken in our school community. We have lots of extremely fun school trips every year such as going to Whipsnade zoo in reception, a space museum in year 5 and going to Harry Potter World in year 6.

In conclusion, we have really enjoyed our adventure at Bovingdon Primary Academy and would love for your children to have the same experiences as we have. Every moment here has been fantastic – we always feel safe and happy which enables us to thrive. We truly believe that we belong, have lots of possibilities and are given the tools to achieve in anything we put our minds too!

Isla, Will, Alannah and Aarav