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May 9 2019

Why Choose Bovingdon Academy?

Shree Deb

Speeches from our Head Girl & Head Boy 

Siya – Head Girl

I am so proud to say I am the Head Girl at Bovingdon Primary Academy. A school that has a nurturing approach to school life particularly in the early years. A place where children and parents feel valued and supported to achieve their potential. A special place to learn and grow.

Our motto is “THE SKY’S THE LIMIT!” To me, this means always aim high and try your very best to achieve. At this school, the staff help to develop the potential in every pupil: working in partnership with parents and in the local community. Every pupil is encouraged to strive for excellence both academically and personally. Bovingdon Primary Academy children are happy; they feel safe and confident to embrace the challenges that they will face along their journey throughout school life. Every child is treated as an individual and supported throughout. We have learning interventions in place to help all children, whether it is for extra support; those who need an extra push; or those who need to be challenged further. The school is very lucky to have such great teachers and staff who care enough to go the extra mile for you. We also have a great safe guarding team who are Mrs Breslin, Miss Fenton and Mr Watts who ensure our safety is paramount.

I have been at Bovingdon Primary Academy since Nursery and I can honestly say that my early years have built a solid foundation for me as I have moved up the school. In all year groups, topics covered in class are taught in a fun and engaging manner. Exciting visitors often visit to enrich our learning for example the famous visit from Florence Nightingale in Year 2 – she literally came to life! Other year groups enjoy Science and History theme days as well as whole school theme days that involve all aspects of the curriculum. In Year 6, we are lucky enough to be taught the steel pans which is so much fun.

Right from Nursery through to Year 6, we are fortunate to have so many trips organised, for example Whipsnade zoo, Open mead farm, swimming lessons and the famous Harry Potter Studios to name a few. From as early as Year 4, the pupils get to go on residential trips. When I was in Year 4, we went to Kingswood and Year 5 the Isle of Wight. I’m so looking forward to the Year 6 trip this year.  These are all great experiences and leave awesome lasting memories.

Throughout the school from year 1 to 6 pupils have the chance to join various councils among them are the School council, Eco council, PE council, Pupil learning council and many more! This encourages pupils to get involved and participate in the decisions that affect the school and gives the pupils a real voice.

The school offers numerous extra circular clubs like Netball, Football, Choir, Tag rugby, Cookery and so much more. There really is something for everyone.

In year 6 you become buddies to the Reception children: we will look after them at lunchtimes and help settle them in. This gives us responsibility and also helps the Reception children to feel more comfortable and safer on their new playground.

The school benefits from having great facilities like Springfield – our school garden, the MUGA – Astro-turf games area and the outdoor learning corner. We are very privileged to have excellent up to date ICT suite with desktop pc’s, laptops and Ipad’s. We also have a DT suite, music room and our very own mini bus.

I have lots of fond memories throughout the years and would not hesitate to recommend Bovingdon Primary Academy to new pupils. I know, when I leave next year for secondary school, I will look back at my journey here and will have so many awesome memories that will make me smile!

Harry – Head Boy

Bovingdon Primary Academy is a special place and I am proud to be Head Boy of this school. I have attended this school since Nursery and have grown up here.

Our motto is ‘The Sky’s The Limit’ and all staff and pupils strive to reach this goal.

Nursery and Reception was where it all began. Nursery provided a colourful environment with exciting topics for us to take part in. All our work was displayed with pride. The playground was large and full of great toys and activities and it has continued to improve with new climbing equipment which the children love.

Moving to Reception was a big step: moving up into a classroom with desks. It was all made so much easier as we were buddied up with a Year 6 student who supported me as I started completing full days at school. My favourite bit was that they played with us on the playground during lunch time and I got to meet other children as well – it made a big playground feel a little bit friendlier as I knew faces. I still know my buddy now!

We are so lucky at our school. Behind the Nursery, we have an amazing outside classroom that we call ‘Springfield’. We have so much fun there, especially in the summer. We have lots of outdoor space with hills to roll down, a pond, chickens and woods to scavenge about in.

Moving on up from Reception (Foundation Stage), you head into Key Stage One – here you stay during Year 1 and 2. It is full of exciting topics that we learn about. One of my favourite topics was about the Fire of London: we built cardboard houses and we set them on fire! Luckily, the real Fire Brigade came and put the fire out. We all got to sit in the fire engine and ask lots of questions. We also did a fantastic topic about Mr Men. I remember, we wrote our own Mr Man/Little Miss story and made puppets. In Key Stage One, we also got to go on great school trips to help us with our topics such as visits to Mead Open Farm and Whipsnade Zoo – these trips change depending what exciting topics the teachers decide to teach us about.

From Year 4 onwards, we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to go on residential trips with our friends from school for a number of days.  In Year 4, I had a great time at Kingswood: challenging myself to do things I had never done before such as the 3G swing.  It was an extraordinary adventure; I will always remember. 

Year 5, we headed off to the Isle of Wight for an action-packed week. We stayed at hotel which was so much fun, sharing a room with 3 of my friends. We started our adventure by getting a ferry over to the Isle of Wight. We then packed in beaches, tree climbing, adventure parks, and boat trips around the Needles.

Year 6, we will set off for another residential adventure. The experience is designed to help us work us as a team and prepare us for secondary school in September. I can’t wait!

Bovingdon Primary provides so many opportunities for us as pupils to grow: Class assemblies, Christmas productions, raising money for charities, ‘Take one picture week’ and our new format sports day to get involved in throughout the year.  We are lucky enough to have our own sports manager and PE teacher, Mr. Robinson, who leads the teams in Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey and Rounders to name a few. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Football and Rugby teams, playing in matches against other local schools. The MUGA (Multi use games area) is a fantastic sports facility that we get to use every day.

Pupils are actively encouraged to be involved in the decisions that affect our school.  They can do this by becoming a member of one of our school councils. We have: the Eco Council to ensure we are an eco-friendly school; the School Council who discuss how our school can be made even better using ideas from pupils in the school; and the Playground Squad who ensure children are playing nicely and that everybody has fun at lunch time.  In Year 6, you can be a Pupil Advocate and help with lots of exciting jobs, including giving adults tours of our school.

We are very lucky at Bovingdon Primary Academy to have lots of extra resources that some schools might not have. We have computing lessons in the ICT suite, which is a dedicated room set up with lots of computer equipment. We also have the benefit of a DT Suite, music rooms, a minibus and the Tree House.

I could not leave this without mentioning the after-school clubs! I have attended them for as long as I can remember. I have loved playing Football, Dodgeball, Basketball, Rugby and best of all singing in the Choir. The choir has given me the opportunity to sing at the O2; the local church; the walking nativity in Bovingdon high street; and best of all school productions. It’s at Bovingdon, I learnt that I could sing!

Bovingdon Primary is a brilliant school, I love it here and that is why I wanted to apply for Head Boy. Working with the other selected Pupil Advocates in my year, we work for our teachers and the school to make it a better place for all students to be educated in.

Why wouldn’t you send your child to this school? It is brilliant!