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May 14 2019

Pupil Advocates

Shree Deb

Nurturing good student leaders is an important element of Bovingdon Primary Academy’s success as a school. Year 6 students are encouraged to take greater responsibility and to contribute positively both to the school and wider community. Pupil advocates is one part of this system. It consists of a Head Boy and Head Girl and a team of Pupil Advocates chosen from Year 6s. For more information please see presentation below.

Head girl – Roseanna Deputy head girl – Poppy

Hello! We’re Poppy (Deputy Head girl) and Roseanna (Head girl). We are so proud to represent our school this year. We love Bovingdon, it’s like our second home. Over the years, we have gained so many loyal friends and lovely teachers.

Throughout our years at Bovingdon Primary Academy, we have adored our fun journey. Poppy has been at the school for 2.5 years and Roseanna has been here for 8 years! Joining from another school not too far from here, Poppy was slightly nervous about the change. She was worried about not knowing her way around and making new friends. Fortunately, she had no need to worry as her teacher and classmates greeted her with a warm smile and a buddy to show her the ropes. Her buddy helped her to make friends and made sure she learnt the ins and outs of the school in no time. They supported her until she felt comfortable and safe within Bovingdon. If your child joins the school, they will get the same warm welcome from everyone. 

We’ve made so many memories, at school and on amazing trips, as we’ve progressed through our time at Bovingdon. These include visits to: The Roald Dahl Museum, Whipsnade zoo, Harry Potter Studios and many more attractions. From Year 4, children have been away for a few nights to an outdoor activity centre – we found it so much fun! We are very much looking forward to our Year 6 residential in the Isle of Wight later this year.

Bovingdon is very inclusive so provides many opportunities for pupils to help and have a voice in the form of different councils: Mini council, School council, Eco council, Playground Squad, Curriculum council, and – later in Year 6 – PE council, Pupil Advocates and Reading Ambassadors. If you successfully become a Pupil Advocate, you can then apply to be the Head and Deputy boy and girl. All of these roles allow the pupils to be heart of decision making and of course help the school run smoothly.

Sport plays a huge role at our school. Everyone has a chance to compete and shine even if you aren’t particularly confident in PE. Here at Bovingdon, we are so lucky to have two wonderful PE teachers. They are amazing at helping everyone and regularly organise sporting tournaments and matches for us to play against other schools in all sorts of sports. Luckily for us, we have a MUGA (Multi-Use-Games-Area) that is used in our PE lessons and clubs. We really enjoy PE and know your child will love it just as much.

Every day, we have various after school clubs on offer including: Dance, Gymnastics, Playground games, Football, Musical Theatre, Board games just to name a few. There is also ‘The Den’ where children are entertained and eat before and after school, if their parents are working.

Our playground is amazing and full of fun equipment. We also have many kind MSAs (Mid-day supervising Assistants) who spend their lunchtimes looking after us and making sure we’re ok.

We have very close links with the local church and feel very lucky that we often get to perform to our parents and carers at St Lawrence. We put so much effort into them as do our incredible teachers. The hard work always pays off as it often brings tears to our parents’ eyes.

So many memories are made here – we definitely don’t want to leave! That said, Bovingdon has prepared us so well for secondary school so we are sure we will be ready to go when the time comes. Thank you for reading about our wonderful time at Bovingdon. We guarantee your child will adore our school as much as we do!

Poppy and Roseanna   

Head Boy – Isaac Deputy Head Boy – Jensen

Hello, our names are Isaac and Jensen – we would like to introduce ourselves as your Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy.

We have loved our (quite a long) time at Bovingdon Primary Academy: Jensen has been here for eight years since nursery and Isaac from Reception to Year six – seven years. Isaac moved to Bovingdon from Yorkshire in 2015 so it was a bit of a challenge starting a new school. He remembers, “It was a big step going to school with children that I had never met before but it got easier as I made good friends.”

Now we are in Year 6, we can recall our time at Bovingdon: lots of lessons were enjoyable and have given us good memories. In Year 2, we made ‘Mr Men’ and ‘Little Miss’ hand puppets from our own designs which was really good fun – we were allowed to be very creative and had complete freedom with colours.

Unsurprisingly, we were both very nervous about going up to Year 3 because it was in a completely different building and we went from the top of a key stage to the bottom. Fortunately, the staff were super kind and we had sessions where we could ask questions about anything we were feeling scared about. We also learnt about the Vikings and Romans (Vikings are by far Jensen’s favourite) and got the chance to take part in a Viking Day where we could dress up as Vikings and take part in themed activities: we made pots, candles and jewellery. It was so much fun! Excitingly, we also had a trip to St Albans were we role played and heard the story of Alban himself and how he shielded the Christian priest – Amphibalus.

While we were in Year 4 the Coronavirus pandemic hit devastating this school community, causing us to be educated at home, but that didn’t stop the teachers! They regularly called us; set daily work on Google classroom; and always made sure we were ok at home. Then, after less than a year (but what seemed like eternity), the gates we hadn’t seen for many months, opened again. When the isolation was finally over, and we were in Year 5, Isaac won an art competition to have his work featured on our new school mural which is displayed in all its glory on the wall outside Year 2 – maybe have a look next time you enter the grounds.

Our time in Year 6 has already been full of challenges including practice papers in preparation for our SATs next year; the process of applying to be a Pupil Advocate; being Head Boy/Deputy Head Boy; and being a good role model for children further down the school. Hopefully, when they are older our buddies will read this and be proud to say they knew the Head and Deputy boys of 2021/22.

With the ideas we have, this will be an enjoyable year more exciting than most. We agree, and are sure you do too, that Bovingdon Primary Academy is amazing.