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May 14 2019

Playground Squad

Shree Deb

Playground squad is led by Mrs Warner and is made up of children from Years 4 and 5.

Children are asked to apply in September and then we have a second intake in February. The number of children involved fluctuates but is usually approximately 30 children in total.

The roles and responsibilities of Playground Squad are to allocate equipment at the start of break and lunchtime and to put it away at the end. At lunchtime, Playground Squad members are responsible for getting out the larger pieces of play equipment and helping the younger children to play with it. Each Playground Squad member wears a hi-viz vest when they do their duty once per week, making them easily identifiable by the other pupils and adults on the playground.

We meet regularly and discuss what is working well and what could be improved on the playground. These children play an important role in the successful running of playtime and the staff are incredibly grateful for them volunteering their time to make the playground a happier place. 

Our current Playground squad are:

Year 4- Ben, Grace-Lily, Ella, Phoebe, Yasmin, Paige, Corey, Alfie, Will, Isaac Wh, Jack, Noah, Isaac Wi, Lucas and Nathan.

Year 5- Faith, Owen, Theo, Levi, Niamh, Teagen, Isla, Grace, Alice, Paige, Evan, William, Freddie, Henry C, Beth and Harry.